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What I like about this picture is the idea! It is a really nice concept and you can do a lot with it.
I also like your colour choice a lot!

I rated the vision and the impact with only 2 1/2 stars because at the first glance I didn't know what you wanted to draw. It is a bit hard to see that this is a person/character - probably because you don't see many parts of the body.

Techniqually you can also work on a few things:
I suggest to add more details, working on light and shadows and on the whole composition.
The lightnig seem to be wrong for example because the characters hair is light on the right side but the highlights on the body are left. the background also doesn't support the idea of the incident light.

I suggest to look at other artworks to find out how they work and what technique they use! Then you can use your knowledge on drawing your own characters and using your own style!
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