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April 29, 2013
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This is for you my friends!
I just reached 1500 watchers and wanted to thank you all!

1500 is just a number but it also means that 1500 people around the world like my art and want to see more. 
That makes me kind of proud^^

I want to thank you for your faves, your lovely comments, your support, your inspiration and motivation,
for helping me when I need you, for answering my bazillion polls, for reading my journals, 
for sharing your wonderful art with me, for watching me and for just beeing there!

Thank you!!!

:iconheartyellowplz: :iconheartgreenplz: :iconheartlightblueplz: :iconheartorangeplz:

Also I want to tell you that I am selling prints of this work now! They are limited to only five pieces.
For more info please click here:…

Head in the clouds by Nilanja

And now it is time for your wonderful works my friends!

This is just an extract of your great works - I am sorry that I can not 
feature all of you. Still I hope you enjoy it and find new awesome works!

The Last Dance by ejohanneThe Ballerinas by ejohanne
fragile hopes by JeanFan
Three Trees by BokehLight
encounter by augenweideThe wisdom of breathing by aerendial
Life lines II by joannakossakFollow the Straight Line by DpressedSoul
Rocky Mountain Sky by drewhoshkiw
Autre Rive by benjoinFuture. by Watersmoke
when she dances by partiallyHere
auxilium by sornyunter.gang by sorny
411 by boba2
memento I by maybe-paper-hearts
Moment of Mourning... by peterle28... wasn't there by peterle28
the.downward.spiral.of.self.destruction by JeanFanFalling Into Black Dreams by peterle28
hiding place by partiallyHere
drowsy head and folded wing by partiallyHerein love with a sailor | counting days by maybe-paper-hearts
Badewanne by thestargazer23Ausser Betrieb by thestargazer23
Down the dale, down the dell. [30/365] by DaphneNg
Daydreamer by Obsessed-bywelcome to my world by Writto
Don't choose the dark path by LauraCallsenThis won't end quietly by LauraCallsen
.The Funeral by niamh-ellen
My Nest by silverwing-sparrowlittle red ridding wood by raspoutine
.Pause by niamh-ellen
Your ghost by DavidSchermann
Explosions by Catandhearts
.ar02. by dasTOK.5. by dasTOK
I am free .. by MenoevilBorn to Die by Sarah-BK
.aja. by dasTOK
The End by manuelestheim
Heart shaped leaves by MenoevilYearning by Menoevil
scream for Munk by golpista
Stock by schwarzrauschwldrsch I by schwarzrausch
if i didn't know better by stephcetina
Love by CaptainNuss
Shades of Gold by ScorpidilionNew York City 6 by Taorax
Fisherman by Scorpidilion
Island_4 by chruselimmer meer by UniHydra
snowy 3 by Taorax
Misty Mornings II by PixiePoxPhotography
German Lake - II by RHARIZONAfuture highway path II by Lk-Photography
Souvenirs de l'apocalypse. by Watersmoke
Last day of summer by NinaNikolovagod hides the sun by Lk-Photography
The last of us by Flubbstr
THE THRILL OF THE FIGHT by nari-meHighland Friends by vamosver
Winter Love by wind-princessWhat goes there by gigi50Window Cat 3 by SmearingSin
Goodbye my Friend by wind-princessverde. by sweetsongbird
Dandelions by SamanthaJordaanMother-of-Pearl by SamanthaJordaan
Cloudy mind by pedroluispalencia
Pyramid State by Klauzero
Calavera by AnjaMillenVivere by AnjaMillen
311 by kokolores123
Silva by FurorArtSweet-and-Sour by FurorArt
Best when by RichardLeachsweaty and nervous by RichardLeach1124D,12 by tarohata
Ursini by MokinziWhere is the love? by katr14
I'm tall with no feet (lower part). by Pedobearq
s by Never-Brush-My-TeethDependence by Coulicath

Journey by Jompie
Monkeys in my head by monkeys-in-my-head
.. by Annika-Z!!!!! by Annika-Z
Alice in wonderland by Emy08
Fox Girl by Melistinebugirpehguieopo by TumultOfTheCat
Head 3 by Talib-PB
Hello by AsymptoticWayGino by GurkleSoundEffects
Got you - Day 3 by by-MKFallen Short by Coulicath
Lights will guide you home by snowmarite
Hard men cry too by Never-Brush-My-TeethKagaribito by AsymptoticWay
Holon - Kano Illustration - Jan12 by Abt-NihilStar by Abt-Nihil
Nirvana by Aegis-Illustration
Delirium by Aegis-Illustration005 Prisoner of Light by BlackHeresy
Captain Achab and sailor Otto by felix-the-boyHello, Up There by tanoshiboy
Tanoshiboy Moleskine Goodness by tanoshiboy
Cherry Pie by xXNaemyXxSweet Stars by Strange-1
Nutella Bundt Cake by maytel
Movember Muffin by Sarah-BK
snow is falling. by awfultoseeaccidental rainbow. by awfultosee
Red. by Atheaneholt
Laces. by AtheaneholtStripes without the Stars by ElementInfinity
cross my heart and hope to die by TheUnknownAssassinSarah as Whisper by AnonTheDarkOne
A New Kind of Freedom by Lilliva-Dast
Coming into focus by A-Negative-Blood
Careful by Sarah-BKFiery Love by JotVelZet
strawberry by Anastasia-RiElegy by MizzMAB
Southern Wind by justJAZZno lies on sundays by chantal-olivia
Cloudy 3 by silverwing-sparrow
Grief by djali84Fjord by LaManie
wet winter by LaManieRainy day by AliceClairvoyante
silence never sleeps by UniHydracrying perfect tears of sadness. by awfultosee
w e b by poppy412
Elegance. by dragonfly-oli
Dream Catcher by Arkus83
Muskelfasern II by insolitus85
1st Mission - by eintoern by EintoeRn
No Cage at the Back Window by OnurKorpeoglu
Le Capitaine by Pierre-LagardeBlue Flesh by Pierre-Lagarde
Red Stairs by Pierre-Lagarde
Drop by molzographyAbstract by insolitus85
Target by DpressedSoul
You're invited by EinsilbigSalvador Sunday by insolitus85
Urban Abstraction #14 by DpressedSoul
Breathing. by BloodType0Skullman by cleverless
The stages of life - Identity by DianaGrigore
no norTh than here mother by umayumayno north than here motheR by umayumay
Identified Flying Objects by xBassxHarmingx
secret heart by waveystarthe time keeper by ShutterBug97
keyfi duman by uniquealimdarkroom light by uniquealim
Pictures On Silence by dmaabstaIn With Time by dmaabsta
my head cry by daPerforMcomputerhead by DavidSchermannTornado by Marion-Volant
sphere by aerendialPause by Melistine
Metamorphosis [60/365] by DaphneNg
She flew around the world. by ellylucasAlice IV by sherinn
naked lunch by derDommy
Sweet Home Canada by BlindEyeTwist.all. by dasTOK
old guy by daPerforM

longest feature ever :faint:

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molzography Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks! :D
Nilanja Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2013
you're welcome :D
partiallyHere Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2013
late thanks :iconbouquetplz:
EintoeRn Featured By Owner May 12, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
WUNDERSCHÖN ! Du hast genau die tollen "Watcher" die Du verdienst !
Ich freue mich sehr, dass ich Deine Gallerie gefunden habe :wave: :hug:
Nilanja Featured By Owner May 12, 2013
aww danke :dummy:

gerne :hug:
sherinn Featured By Owner May 9, 2013  Student Photographer
awesome feature! i love the collection and i'm glad to be featured among all these beautiful artworks! thanks a lot :heart:
Nilanja Featured By Owner May 9, 2013
thanks :D
you are very welcome :heart:
benjoin Featured By Owner May 6, 2013
Wow! This is a wonderful collection, Nilanja. You've got quite an eye! Thanks a lot for including me!
Nilanja Featured By Owner May 6, 2013
thank you very much^^
you are welcome :hug:
sandranataly Featured By Owner May 6, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
:heart: thank u so much Pezi :hug:
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